Exam Schedule & Format

    ·  High School exams follow a Week 1 Format. 
    §  Period 1 – Exam 1 – Wed. Jan 27
    §  Period 2 – Exam 2 – Thurs. Jan 28
    §  Period 3 – Exam 3 – Fri. Jan. 29
    §  Period 4 – Exam 4 – Mon. Feb 1
    §  Inclement Weather Day – Tues. Feb 2
    §  P.D. Day – Wed. Feb 3

    ·   In the event of an “Inclement Weather Day” exams shift one day to the right.


    Exam Start & Dismissal Times

    · All students must be in their designated exam rooms by 8:10.  All exams begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. 

    ·  Students will be dismissed from their exams according to grade.  Students will not be permitted to leave the exam before the given time shown below:


    Grade 9

    10:00 a.m.

    Grade 10

    10: 10 a.m.

    Grade 11 & 12

    10:20 a.m.

     ·        Students who are late for an exam will NOT receive extra time to write. 

     ·        Any student who misses an exam due to an error or lateness on their part will receive a zero for the missed exam.

    General Exam Rules

     · The uniform dress code is in effect on examination days. Students are required to come to school and depart from school in full uniform.     Students who are not in dress code will report to the office.   

    ·        The use of cell phones, audio or video recording devices, pagers, digital music players or e-mail or text messaging devices during the exam is prohibited.

    ·        Students must follow exam schedules accurately and familiarize themselves with the appropriate course codes.

    ·        The principal must authorize alternate exam times if, for any reason, a student cannot write an examination at the scheduled time.

    Post-Exam Rules

    ·        Once a student has completed their exam at the appropriate dismissal time, they are expected to leave their rooms quietly.  Students must then report to the cafeteria or the library where they can work quietly. 

    ·        Students may also choose to leave school property, providing they have been given parental permission and parents have notified the school via telephone or written note.

    ·        No student will be allowed to wander in the halls from 8:10 a.m. to 2:20p.m.