• Regular attendance is important.  Student with prior knowledge of their absence have the responsibility of determining what work will be missed and to have it completed upon returning to class.
    • Students are expected to arrive ON TIME and with all materials necessary
    • Cell phones are to be deposited in the designated cell phone "cubby" upon entering class. The classroom is a cell free zone.
    • Three unverifited lates will result in detention.
    • A penalty of one level for every day late (up to three days) for the submission of late assignments will be deducted.  A mark of zero will result following the three-day window.  In the case of extentuating circumstances, students must speak to me.
    • Plagiarism will result in a mark of zero.
    • If science safety is not adhered during a lab; if students endanger their saftey or the safety of classmates, they will be asked to leave the laboratory and a mark of zero will result for that lab.
    • Students are expected to write missed tests/quizzes UPON THEIR RETURN TO SCHOOL.



           If parents wish to contact me, I prefer a phone call vs. email (613. 258-7232)

           If however email is the only convenient manner of communication for you, please give me 24 - 48 hours to respond; I love interacting with my students and as a result am not attached to my computer.  My email address is:  lidia.lefebvre@cdsbeo.on.ca