This course emphasizes PARTICIPATION in a variety of physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living. Students will learn to develop and improve their skills and strategies in a number of different sports. Students are encouraged to improve personal fitness, physical competence, develop goal-setting, and communication; all while having FUN!


    Students have been advised that excellent skill development, leadership and participation can at times be off-set by poor study habits and assignment completion.  It is very important that students do not forget the French component of the class as instruction and assessments will be conducted in French.


    Disrespectful behaviour and/or language will NOT be tolerated, nor will unsportsman-like behaviour; the abilities of each student are to be respected by all.




    The Ministry of Education has informed teachers that we are not to be handing out work or accepting work sent to us.  Parents and students have been instructed to follow the guidelines that have been given by the Ministry for phase 1.  
    Given the unprecented nature of the current circumstances, I do not know what the remainder of the school year will look like for us, but I do encourage you to strive to remain active.  Get some fresh air...go for walks, a bike ride (while practicing social distancing), do some squats/crunches while you watch your favourite shows on T.V... get CREATIVE !!!
    As per the Ministry of Education, I will not be assigning additional work, but encourage you to stay active, and more importantly stay HEALTHY.
    Miss my students, hope to see you all soon.
    L. Lefebvre :)