• Bonjour!

    A short word to update you on how we will proceed for the end of the semester.

    1. Keep an eye on the school website, the school’s Facebook page and other communication from the school for any updates or changes to the exam schedules.
    2. The culminating activity was completed last week and should be finished.
    3. The written report for the project Dans l’Oeuil du Dragon that was due on Monday is due upon your return to school. However, the presentation for the project Dans l’Oeuil du Dragon will now be a subjective part of the assignment. If you would like to present your project then you can do so after the exam on Friday. If you do not want to present then you do not have to and will not be penalized for it.
    4. Students with incomplete assignments will be asked to stay after the exam on Friday to complete any missing work.
    5. I am in my classroom all day Thursday if you have any questions or need a quiet place to finish some work.

    Merci et bonne étude!