• November 12 to 16

    Posted by Sean Souter on 11/11/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Monday, November 12

    - Rob Nash concert, Details TBD

    Tuesday, November 13

    - Computer lab. Global Warming Project Due on Thursday

    Wednesday, November 14

    - Take Your Kid to Work Day.  All grade 9 students are out on placement at a parent or family member's place of work.

    - Grade 9s reporting to school today will do supervised work periods focusing on future employment options

    Thursday, November 15

    Global Warming Project Due Today

    - Inconvenient Truth/Global Warming project presentations and take up

    Friday, November 16

    - Inconvenient Truth/Global Warming project presentations and take up

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  • November 5 to 9

    Posted by Sean Souter on 11/4/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Monday, November 5

    - Report to class first for a brief tutorial on using Google Advanced search to find quaility sources of information

    - Computer lab research day. Pages one and two from Climate Research Assignment

    Tuesday, November 6

    - Computer lab research day.  Climate Research Assignment  Due Thursday, November 15

    Wednesday, November 7

    - Start of in depth study of Latitude and Longitude  Set 1 should be completed

    Thursday, November 8

    - Sharkwater: How humans are endangering shark populations through global warming and over hunting. How does the loss of an alpha predator change aquatic ecosystems?

    - Pleases remember the Climate Research Assignment is Due Thursday, November 15

    Friday, November 9

    - Period 2: Rememberance Day Ceremony

    - Period 3: Computer lab (report to class first) to work on Global Warming Issue project


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  • October 29 to November 2

    Posted by Sean Souter on 10/28/2018 1:00:00 PM

    Monday, October 29

    - Chapter 2 Test: Physical Connections in Geography

    Tuesday, October 30

    - Introduction to Climate Factors and our new unit on Climate and Weather

    Wednesday, October 31

    - Finish Climate Factors from yesterday

    Thursday, November 1

    - An Inconvenient Sequel, Pt 1

    Friday, November 2

    - An Inconvenient Sequel, Pt 2

    - Global Warming Issue Assignment  - Topics chosen today, next Monday and Tuesday in the computer lab to do research

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  • October 22 to 26

    Posted by Sean Souter on 10/21/2018 4:00:00 PM

    Monday, October 22

    - Test review for Chapter 2: Landforms and Geology on Monday, October 29

    - The Rock Cycle

    Tuesday, October 23

    - Contours and Cross Sections

    Wednesday, October 24

    - Ocean's Deep - Sea Floor Trenches and Plate Boundaries

    Thursday, October 25

    - Read pages 50 to 53 from the textbook

    - Answer questions Page 53 # 1, 2, 3, 4

    - Review for Monday's test

    Friday, October 26

    Students should review and study for Monday's Physical Geography Unit Test

    PA DAY, no school for students. Remember your unit test on Monday, October 29.  See Monday's entry for the review sheet

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  • October 15 to October 19

    Posted by Sean Souter on 10/14/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Monday, October 15

    - Earthquakes Literacy Activity and vocabulary Crossword

    - Signed progress reports (went home last Friday) are to be reviewed by parents and returned to teachers ASAP

     - BOLTSS Project Due (see Monday, Oct 1 for hand out) Wednesday, October 17

    - Parent-Teacher Interviews from ~3 to 8 PM on Wednesday, October 17. Instructions for signing up for interviews in advance went home with Progress Reports.

    Tuesday, October 16

    Significant Earthquakes in Canada worksheets

    - Working With Contour Maps 

    Wednesday, October 17

    - Due: BOLTSS Project

    - The World's Active Volcanoes and Earthquakes 

    - Parent-Teacher Interviews (~3 to 8 PM) advanced sign up is strongly recommended

    Thursday, October 18

    - A Journey to the Center of the Earth

    Friday, October 19

    - ArcGIS: Plate Boundaries Activity in the Computer Lab #217

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  • October 8 to October 12

    Posted by Sean Souter on 10/7/2018 6:00:00 PM

    Monday, October 8

    - No school, Thanksgiving Holiday

    Tuesday, October 9

    - Computer Lab (room 219) for ArcGIS: FNMI Location Activity

    - FNMI Location Activity Answer Sheet to hand In for grading Due on Friday, October 12

    Wednesday, October 10

    - Thematic Map Presentation Project work (see Thursday, Sept 27 for handout). Schedules for presentations now posted under their own page, accesible from the course home page

    Canada Urbanization Article & Questions

    Thursday, October 11

    - Introduction to physical geography unit. Planet Earth: Mountains and question sheet

    - Grade 9 Art trip away today

    Friday, October 12

    - Introduction to Physical Geography PowerPoint contains the lesson plan and assigned work for today.

    - BOLTSS Project Due Date Assigned (see Monday, Oct 1 for hand out) Due: Wednesday, October 17

     - Due: FNMI ArcGIS activity worksheet 

    - Progress Reports are going home early. They were given to students TODAY during period 1. Please ask your students for them, sign them, and get them sent back to teachers.

    *Coming Up*

    - Progress Reports go home Monday, October 15. Make sure you ask your students for their reports, sign them, and then make sure your student returns them to teachers.

    - Parent-Teacher Interviews from ~3 to 8 PM on Wednesday, October 17. Instructions for signing up for interviews in advance will go home with Progress Reports.

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  • October 1 to October 5

    Posted by Sean Souter on 9/30/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Monday, October 1

    - Homework check - Take up last Thurssday's work

    - Canada Vs. Australia Population Patterns, and Text Pg. 24-30 worksheet. To be complete in class and, if unfinished, for homework.

    Tuesday, October 2

    - BOLTSS Mapping assignment, Due Date TBD

    - Time to review and study for Wednesday's test

    Wednesday, October 3

    - Test on Canada's Population Patterns NOTE: This test was announced and a review sheet given on Thursday, September 27

    Thursday, October 4

    - Computer lab to do ArcGIS: 6x6 Activities

     - One other ArcGIS activity TBD

    Friday, October 5

    - Weather Permitting, TMR School Wide Group Activity

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  • September 24 to 28

    Posted by Sean Souter on 9/23/2018 6:00:00 PM

    Monday, Sept 24

    - Computer lab, Room 219

    - Finish and extend last Friday's ArcGIS computer based mapping activities

    Tuesday, Sept 25

    Exploring Geography wrap up in-class assignment

    - NOTE: many students in the period 2 "B" section (CGC1Db) of geography will be attending an event for new students during period 2. Students who have volunteered to help with the cross country event will also be excused

    Wednesday, Sept 26

    - Pole to Pole video analysis

    Thursday, Sept 27

    - Map Presentation assignment introduction and sign up

    Canada's Population Patterns worksheet. NOTE: The first page uses the class atlas and will be finished in class. The second page uses the textbook and is to be finished for homework, including the assigned questions from the textbook.

    - Test Announced and Review Sheet handed out.  Test on Wednesday, October 10

    - Weather and planning permitting, Terry Fox Walk/Run during period 4 today

     Friday, Sept 28

    - PA Day, No School for Students

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  • September 17 to 21

    Posted by Sean Souter on 9/14/2018

    Monday, Sept 17

    - Students who missed last Friday's test should be prepared to write it today. They'll need to catch up on today's work independently

    - Exploring Geography: Three Key Questions: What is where? Why there? Why care?

    - PowerPoint to be shown in class

    - Worksheet Organizer

    Tuesday, Sept 18

    - Travel in Canada Project Due - Worked on this Wednesday & Thursday last week

    - Continued work on yesterday's themes and organizer

    - Students should check their school board e-mail (username@cdsbeo.on.ca) for an invitiation to register for www.ArcGIS.com

    - We will use this information to register as a class on Friday in the computer lab.

    - This is Ministry of Education licensed and approved, web-based mapping software. 

    Wednesday, Sept 19

    - Take up work from last two days using a poster created by each group.

    - Introduction to GIS, GPS, and computer based mapping.

    Thursday, Sept 20

    - Textbook pages 12 - 16

    - Answer textbook:

    Page 14 #1, 2

    Page 15 # 1-3

    Page 16 # 1-4

    The Geo. Introduction Test and Pie Graph Worksheet have now been marked and returned to students. Parents, please ask your student how they did.

    Friday, Sept 21

    - Computer lab to register for ArcGIS and do introductory activities. Depending on how smoothly the sign in process goes we might not finish the 6x6 Activities by the end of class and will resume on Monda.

    Intro to ArcGIS

    ArcGIS 6x6 Activities

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  • September 10 to 14

    Posted by Sean Souter on 9/10/2018

    Monday, Sept 10

    - Textbook Sign Out

    - Textbook Intro. Worksheet, Pt. 1

    - Student computer log in and password distribution

    - Test Announcement: Friday, September 14 - Intro. Unit Review Sheet

    - Due Today: World Scavenger Hunt Worksheet, assigned last Thursday.

    Tuesday, Sept 11

     - Textbook Intro. Worksheet, Pt. 2

    - Travel in Canada Project intro. Due, Tuesday, September 18

    Wednesday, Sept 12

     - Computer Lab - Travel in Canada Project workday #1

    - Due Today: Pie Graph Worksheet, assigned last Friday

    Thursday, Sept 13

      - Computer Lab - Travel in Canada Project workday #2

    - Review for Friday's test

    Friday, Sept 14

    - Geo. Introduction Unit Test

    - Bring: protractor, ruler, calculator, pencil, sharpener, pencil crayons

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