• May 25th - Novel Study

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 5/25/2020

    1. Please read chapters7-9 and answer the chapter questions for next Monday, May  June 1.  Chapter Questions

    2. Please read this article The Madness of Humanity Part 3: Tribalism.  After you have read the article you will write a paragraph connecting the article to chapter 8 in LOTF.  Please open the hand out for further instructions.  Handout

    The paragraph is also due next Monday.

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  • May 19th - Novel Study

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 5/19/2020

    1.  Chapter 4-6 Questions - Please read chapters 4-6 by Friday and have the questions finished for the 25th. Chapt 4-6 Questions

    2. Watch this video on Allegories - video link  and then fill in this chart.

    3. Once you have finished reading the chapters think about what some of the big ideas are that are floating around the novel such as Order vs Chaos, Leadership Syles, Fear, and Civilazation vs Savagery.

    Use this sheet to fill in examples from the novel.  Big Ideas

    All work should be finished for next Monday.



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  • May 11 - Lord of the Flies!

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 5/11/2020

    May 11 - Novel Study - Lord of the Flies

    1.  Read the following biography of the novel's author and answer the questions at the end.  The reading will give you an idea of where the author was coming from when he wrote the novel.

    Biography Reading

    2.  Thinking Questions

    3. Chapter 1-3 Questions.   

    4.  Please read chapter 1-3 by the end of the week and have the chapter questions submitted by Monday.

    PDF Version of the Novel

    Audio Version of Novel


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  • May 6 - Reading Response & Grammar

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 5/6/2020

    May 6th - Reading Response $ Grammar

    1.  Please read the attached pdf abd answer the 5 questions on the last page. What I've Learned from Writing

    2.  Complete the grammar page.

    3.  We will be starting a novel next week.  

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  • April 27 - Comparative Essay

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 4/27/2020

    April 27- Comparative Essay

    This week you are going to write a comparative essay.  You should aim to have the essay complete for next Tuesday, May 5th.

    Here is an example of a comparative essay a grade 10 student wrote a number of years ago.  Please read it over.  Comparison Essay Example

    You have a choice of four topics to choose from.  Please pick one of the topics from this sheet.  Essay choices.

    Comparison Essay Planning Sheet  You will notice that this planner only has room for the body paragraphs, your essay must have an intro and concluding paragraph also.  Please use what you learned last week about writing intro and concluding paragraphs when planning them for this essay.


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  • April 22 - Essay Work

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 4/22/2020

    For review - here is a handout on writing thesis statements

    Today I would like you to dig out your Lamb to the Slaughter Essay.  

    Many of your introductions and conclusions needed work.  Using my feedback and the handouts on how to write better intros and conclusions please rewrite the intro and concluding paragraphs to your essay.

    Please submit to me a copy of the original and revised intro and concluding paragraphs.  You can submit these on TEAMS.

    Finally, when you are finished please rad this handout on writing a comparison essay.

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  • April 20 - Caesar work is coming to an end! Well, soon.

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 4/20/2020

    Today you are going to differentiate between dialogues, monologues and soliloquies.  I would like you to complete the attached page and submit it to TEAMS when you are finished.

    Also, please read the attached document on writing essay conclusions.


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  • April 16 - Grammar & Essays

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 4/16/2020

    April 16 - Grammar

    We've been instructed to lighten up on the work we are giving.  If you are finding it too difficult to get your work completed on time, don't worry.  I will accept late work, and you won't lose marks or get a detention.

    The video of your persuasive speech does not have to be professional quality, I'm just looking to give you some practice speaking.

    Today's work is only a bit of grammar, complete this activity. 

    And read the following two articles on essay writing,  These would be handouts I'd give in class.

    Intro Paragraphs

    Thesis Statements

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  • April 14 - Persuasive Speech

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 4/14/2020

    You are to write a speech using different types of rhetoric.  It is due next Monday, April 20th, and unlike last week's work, this will be assessed.

    Please find all the instructions in this file, as well as the rubric.


    Be sure to reference where appropriate in your speech.

    I will post more work on Thursday, but it will be fairly easy as I'd like you to spend most of your time on this assigment.

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  • April 8 - Rhetorical Devices

    Posted by Trent Abbott on 4/8/2020

    1.  Read the attached handout on rhetoric.  The included list of rhetorical devices only includes a few of them, there are dozens of different types of rhetoric.

    2.  Watch this video that includes different types of rhetoric.

    3.  Identify at least three different types of rhetoric used in the above video and submit them to me by e-mail.

    4.  Many of the most important political figures throughout history have been adept at using rhetoric.  A speech by Martin Luther King Jr. is what you will examine today.  

    Here is a copy of his famous 'I Have Dream Speech'

    Task to go with the speech - submit the answers to questions 3, 5 & 6 to me.

    Video of speech

    Video about the day

     5. Finally, the last task for today is a bit of grammar.  We learned about comma splices earlier in the semester.  Fix the splices found in these sentences.

    If you forget how to fix a comma splice, here's the lesson I gave.

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