The Environment at St. Michael CHS

  • These pages are for the environmentally focussed clubs, teams, and efforts at St. Mikes. Here is a brief synopsis.

    The 7/8 and High School Greenteam is for any students wanting to get involved in making their school a greener and more enviromentally aware and responsible environment. Mr. Souter (Room 286) runs the High School team while Mdm. Paris and Mdm. O'Brien take care of the 7/8 effort.

    The Envirothon is an science and environment based competition held at the Limerick Forest Interpretive Center each year in April or May. If you are interested in joining the St. Mikes competative team please see Mr. Souter (Room 286). The St. Mikes team routinely places in the top three and have won two of the last three years and placed second once as well.

    Ecoschools is a school wide, Ministry of Education sponsored ranking system that evaluates how well a school fosters and expresses its commitment to making environmental issues and practices a part of daily life and routine in the school. We are proud of our record of steady improvement and current assessment of gold in our past two years.

    Environment SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) is an environmentally focussed program that grants students a special diploma through environmentally focussed courses and certifications. Available to students in grade 10 and above. More information on this program is available from this link or the "Class Webpages" link on the St. Mikes homepage. Contact: