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    Posted by Lidia Lefebvre on 2/6/2019

    The ESSENTIAL BASICS SKILLS test has been administered and marked.  It will be returned when all students have written.  If students DID NOT receive a mark of 70% or higher, it may indicate that basic skills are weak.  Students are encouraged to access the helpful resources I mentioned during the first day of class, attend math help or seek assistance outside of school (ex. tutor), in order to improve their skills.

    Students have been informed of the pending standardized test (EQAO) scheduled in early June; as a result homework will most likely be assigned every day.  I strive to give students time in class to begin homework; this will give them an opportunity to potentially finish their work, and ask for clarification and assistance before they leave for the day.

    It is imperative that students and parents/guardians alike, access the class webpage on a regular basis.  Important dates will be highlighted in the class calendar, lessons will be shared, along with other pertinent information.

    I make myself available for additional assistance every Wednesday at lunch in our classroom.




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