• Please Access Microsoft Teams Through MyCDSBEO.com

    Posted by Sean Souter on 4/6/2020 7:00:00 AM

    Hello again everyone.  I've now set up and invited all students in my grade 11 HSP3U class to a "Team" set up in Microsoft Teams.

    Students will need to log into their school account through www.MyCDSBEO.com   Logging into that account will give you access to your e-mail, which will contain an invitation link to Teams, and also Teams which students should open.

    You'll find a welcome video as well as a first assignment.

    Take care,

    Mr. Souter

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  • The plan for April 6 and onwards

    Posted by Sean Souter on 4/1/2020

    Hello Parents and Students,

    Information is starting to trickle down through the system. Teachers, believe it or not, are hearing about plans through the same daily news releases by the Ontario government that everyone has access to. It looks like we'll be running a condensed version of this course through on-line applications.

    I'm going to keep it simple. On or before Tuesday, April 7 I'm going to send out an invite to all students in the class to join a 'team' through the Microsoft App called Teams.

    All students have free access to this app through their provided Office 365 suite of programs. All communication, including handing in assignments and asking me questions, will be done exclusively through Microsoft Teams. I will not be answering my board e-mail.

    Each week I'll be updating our Team page to give the work for the week.  In general, I'll be directing students to specific parts of the on-line curriculum provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education. An assignment will be due at the end of every second week. In this way, whether we are back together in May or out for the rest of the year, students will be submitting 5 pieces of work. Added to the four marks I have for them already, these nine marks will be used to calculate a final grade.

    More information to follow. In the meantime, make sure Microsoft Teams is up and running on your device and you can log in using your usual computer user name and password.


    Mr. S

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  • covid-19 School Shutdown

    Posted by Sean Souter on 3/28/2020

    Hello students and parents!  I'm trying to comply with the different messages coming from all levels of the education system. There still is no clear resolution to the challenge of students learning from home.

    For the moment - and as directed by the CDSBEO and Ministry of Education - students should be using the government run on-line learning materials. You can find links to those resources here:


    I encourage you to continue working on your social science studies. The activities on the ministry website are the best replacement we have at the moment for in-class learning.

    Take care and I hope to see you soon,

    Mr. S

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  • Extended Covid-19 Absence Weeks

    Posted by Sean Souter on 3/13/2020 1:00:00 PM

    As directed by the Ministry of Education as relayed to staff by the board office and principals, any and all attendance at school and any and all school work is suspended until school reconvenes after the extended break due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Stay safe!

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  • Extended Covid-19 Absence Weeks

    Posted by Sean Souter on 3/13/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Student who wish to stay up to date and work ahead should read through Chapter 2: Psychology and answer all the questions in the chapter.  This includes the research questions at the end of the chapter.

    Stay safe!

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  • March 9 to March 13

    Posted by Sean Souter on 3/9/2020 7:00:00 AM

    Monday, March 9

    - Introduction to the Psychological Schools of Thought (text page 55)

    - Freud's defense mechanisms

    - Ethics in psychological research

    Tuesday, March 10

    - Freud biography

    - Student research: biography assignment

    Wednesday, March 11

    - Biography research

    Thursday, March 12

    - Biography research 

    Friday, March 13

    - Student-Teacher Hockey Game

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  • March 2 to March 6

    Posted by Sean Souter on 3/1/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Monday, March 2

    - The importance of Evolution as both a scientific theory and the way in which the modern world sees itself and its environment

    - Primatology (handout)

    - Paleoanthropology (handout)

    Tuesday, March 3

    - Guest Speaker

    Wednesday, March 4

    - Anthropology test

    Thursday, March 5

    - No Classes

    Friday, March 6

    - Introduction to Psychology

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  • February 24 to February 28

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/24/2020

    Monday, February 24

    - Cultural Anthropology research sharing - pairs then full group

    - Cultural Anthropology Schools of Thought Organizer worksheet and organizer

    Tuesday, February 25

    - 10 Minutes: Cultural Anthropology Schools of Thought Organizer

    Group Work

    - Cultural Anthropology Schools of Thought wrap up (page 31 #1-4)

    - Youth Perspective: What is Canadian Culture? (Page 23 #1-3) 

    Wednesday, February 26

    - Anthropology Test will be on Wednesday, March 4 , Textbook pages 14 through 53 and all handouts and material looked at in class are fair game

    - Current events interpreted by Schools of Thought in Cultural Anthropology.  Choose two:  1) Rail Blockade by indigenous people 2) Canadian and International Response to the Corona virus outbreak 3) Harvey Weinstein trial and conviction, #MeToo 4) On-line courses for high school students

    - Linguistic Anthropology and Archeology.  Read pages 32 to 36.

    - Do questions: pg33 #1-4; pg 34 #1, 2; pg 36 #1, 2 and Reflect and Respond #1-3

    Thursday, February 27

    Snow Day Finish assigned work from Wednesday

    Friday, February 28

    - Linguistic Anthropology (text pages 32-33)

    - Archeology (text pages 34-36)

    - Case Study: Kwaday Dan Ts'inchi handout

    - Charles Darwin and Evolution 

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  • February 17 to February 21

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/17/2020

    Monday, February 17

    - Family Day

    Tuesday, February 18

    Review of Literature Assignment Due at the start of class

    - Take up "Origin of the Species" video from Friday

    - Anthropology section of the text intro. (read pages 14-16)

    - Research and Inquiry Skills and Research Tools of Cultural Anthropologists handout 

    Wednesday, February 19

    - Cultural Anthropology Flow Chart

    - Discuss Anthropology research tools worksheet

    Thursday, February 20

    - Cultural anthropology computer lab research - group investigation

    Friday, February 21

    - Province Wide Job Action, no classes

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  • February 10 to February 14

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/10/2020

    Monday, February 10

    - Grade 11 course selection presentation

    - Turning research questions into thesis statements

    Tuesday, February 11

    - Thesis statements wrap up

    - Textbook sign out, worksheet, and Social Science introduction

    - Review of Literature assignment intro.

    • Due Tuesday, February 18 at the start of class

    Wednesday, February 12

    - Academic research skills and the review of literature assignment handout

    Thursday, February 13

    - Academic research skills and the review of literature assignment

    Friday, February 14

    - Niobe Thompson on The Nature of Things: Rise of the Human species. An anthropological perspective on the where humans came from. Worksheet provided.

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