• February 17 to February 21

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/17/2020

    Monday, February 17

    - Family Day

    Tuesday, February 18

    Review of Literature Assignment Due at the start of class

    - Take up "Origin of the Species" video from Friday

    - Anthropology section of the text intro. (read pages 14-16)

    - Research and Inquiry Skills and Research Tools of Cultural Anthropologists handout 

    Wednesday, February 19

    Thursday, February 20

    Friday, February 21

    - Province Wide Job Action, no classes

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  • February 10 to February 14

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/10/2020

    Monday, February 10

    - Grade 11 course selection presentation

    - Turning research questions into thesis statements

    Tuesday, February 11

    - Thesis statements wrap up

    - Textbook sign out, worksheet, and Social Science introduction

    - Review of Literature assignment intro.

    • Due Tuesday, February 18 at the start of class

    Wednesday, February 12

    - Academic research skills and the review of literature assignment handout

    Thursday, February 13

    - Academic research skills and the review of literature assignment

    Friday, February 14

    - Niobe Thompson on The Nature of Things: Rise of the Human species. An anthropological perspective on the where humans came from. Worksheet provided.

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  • Welcome to grade 11 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/3/2020

    Monday, February 3

    - Course outline review

    HSP3U Intro and Icebreaker

    - For Wednesday, consider how Anthro., Soc., and Psych. would interpret your chosen current event or issue. For discussion on Wednesday, first thing.

    Tuesday, February 4

    - Check CDSBEO Website for School Opening Details

    Wednesday, February 5

    - Bell Ringer - Current event from Monday

    - Sticky Notes: How to make and investigate a research question and associated thesis?

    Thursday, February 6

    - Snow Day

    Friday, February 7

    - Snow Day

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