• Catholic School Council

    What is the Catholic school Council?

    Catholic School Council Executive from 2018-2019

    Chair: Katy Freguson
    Vice-Chair: Michele Bos
    Secretary: Jennifer Creighton
    Treasurer: Mary-Lynn Cameron
    Parent Reps: Angela Workman, Kari Marceau, Stacey Bibby, Kara Kamotzi, Carey Compton (non-voting member)
    Parish Rep:
    Student Rep:
    Teacher Rep: Mrs. Johnston-Bates
    Principal: Tracy O'Brian
    Vice-Principal: Laura Mackler

                 "School Councils advise principals and, where appropriate, school boards on issues affecting the education programs and the operation of individual schools." Taken from the Ontario Government's Education website:

    Tips For Parents: Parent involvement makes a difference in your child's school