Dear Parent/Guardian:
    Supporting a Strengths Based Approach to Building Resiliency
    “Resiliency is an ability to spring back and adapt to life’s challenges with an attitude of hope and optimism.”
    All schools in CDSBEO are working to develop a strengths-based culture of practice where students are nurtured towards positive change.  In order to accomplish this we are partnering with Resiliency Initiatives.  Resiliency Initiatives is a non-profit organization focused on child and adolescent development, and provides presentations and information on the positive development of children and youth as it pertains to resiliency and well-being. More information can be obtained at www.resil.ca.
    Students participate in a survey designed around 31 Developmental Strengths which  research indicates are key factors in building resiliency in an individual. Information from the resiliency survey is used to empower individuals and school teams to help students engage in, and better understand their strengths or skills that are essential for navigating life’s challenges and becoming healthy adults.  
    The Resiliency: Assessing Developmental Strengths questionnaire takes about 30 - 40 minutes to complete. This questionnaire is not a test. Your child's responses to the questions are confidential and a code is used so student names will not be identified on the questionnaire.
    Individual results will only be made available to trained staff for the purpose of individual planning and support. Aggregate (group) results may be presented and published only in an anonymous (non-identifying), sample format.
    Should you have any additional questions or concerns about the survey please contact Mrs. Finnegan, Principal at 613-258-7232.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Mrs. D. Finnegan