• Reminder that this exam will be held at 11:30am on Wednesday, January 30th in room 236. I will be there at 11 am to accommodate for those that need extra time, provided they can grab a quick lunch and bathroom break. This is obviously subject to change given each student's individual needs as outlined in their IEP.

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  • Remember to come for presentations Tuesday afternoon if you have signed up to present your culminating. If not, you must bring a print out of your slides and talking points to be handed in at the exam. 

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  • I will be holding a review game for the exam in room 236 at 11:30 am on Monday, January 28th. 

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  • Remember to birng your textbook to the exam please!

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  • Since we have now have no more time in class before the exam, we have lost our days for presentations of the culminating tasks. I propose 2 solutions: 

    1) Present to me after the exam with all group members

    2) Choose to hand in the slides of your presentation, along with your talking points and I will take off the oral component from the rubric.  

    Please use the exam review I posted to help guide your studying and stay safe. 

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  • We will be having the exam for this course in our classroom Tuesday, January 29th at 8 am. It will consist of multiple choice questions, true and false questions, terms to match (separated by unit) and application problems. It will cover all our units of study and a bit about Hinduism, based on the presentations and research done for the culminating. 


    1) Fundamentals of Religion

    2) Aboriginal Spirituality

    3) Judaism

    4) Islam

    5) Christianity

    Questions from units 1-4 will come mostly from previous tests and quizzes, so those should be studied mostly while preparing that content. The exam review will be more detailed for Christianity. The application problems will also be given in advance to prepare, but just like before, nothing can come into the exam with you.  

    I have uploaded the detailed exam reveiw with the long answer problems and the terms to know.

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  • If you have not handed in your Sunday Bloody Sunday Assignment, it must be handed in to me ASAP and definitely by the exam in order to complete the course. 

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  • We will be having our Culminating Activity in class from Monday January 14th to Friday January 18th and presentations will be held in class Monday January 21st and Tuesday, Janurary 22nd. Each student will only be marked on their contribution to the presentation. 

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  • You can always reach me at kathleen.konopka@cdsbeo.on.ca with any concerns or important information. 

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