• In case you lost you exam review - here it is.


    Exam will include–Multiple Choice, Definitions, Short Answer, Paragraph Answers, a reading to respond to.

    Short Stories

    Elements of a short story - note

    Short Story – glossary of Terms

    Be familiar with all of the short stories we have read – there will be multiple choice questions about the stories, elements of short stories and questions about irony

    Know how to use quotation marks properly

    Merchant of Venice

    Review quizzes

    Identify important quotes – who said it when and why

    Be sure to be familiar with the plot – good multiple choice questions

    How is irony used in the play?

    Allusions – what are they how were they used in the play?



    Quotation marks, commas, simple, complex, compound sentences, sentence fragments and how to fix them


    main characters, symbolism throughout the story, themes,

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  • End of play test.

    Wednesday, Nov. 28th

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  • We have now finshed reading Act III, ii.


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