• February 19 to 22

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/19/2019

    Monday, February 19

    - Family Day

    Tuesday, February 19

    - Hand in 10 lines of Dialogue (was due Tus, Feb 12)

    - Take up short stories from last week

    - Mood worksheet

    - Character development worksheet

    Wednesday, February 20

    - Grammar Work

         - Commas

         - Apostrophes

         - Colons and Semicolons

         - Quotation Marks (review)

    Thursday, Feburary 21

    - My Life's Short Story

    - Building a Believable Setting

    Friday, February 22

    - "The Monkey's Paw" short story

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  • Feb 11 to 15

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/18/2019

    Monday, February 11

    - My Blueprint session in the library to choose next year's course.

    - Parents must look at and sign the course selection sheet students printed today.

    Tuesday, February 12

    - Snow Day

    Wednesday, February 13

    - Snow Day

    Thursday, February 14

    - "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" short story

    Friday, February 15

    "Lamb to the Slaughter" short story

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  • February 4 to 8

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/5/2019

    Monday, February 4

    - Snow Day

    Tuesday, February 5

    - Snow Day

    Wednesday, February 6

    - Ultimate Construction story questions and answers due

    - The Sniper  Introduction to short stories

    Thursday, February 7

    - Course Fair canceled

    The Man Who Had No Eyes Plot graphs, theme, mood, effective use of dialogue

    Friday, February 8

    - Based on the dialogue assignment (which not all students submitted) students need help punctuating dialogue.

    Punctuating Dialogue information package review

    Charles short story

    - Dialogue assignment. 10 lines of perfectly punctuated dialogue based on a conversation between a mischievous child and his/her two parents. Due Tuesday, February 5 

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  • Welcome to Grade 9 English

    Posted by Sean Souter on 2/1/2019

    Please note that due to copyright restrictions I will be unable to post a lot of our English work directly. Please be aware, however, that paper copies are given in class.

    If a student misses a day they can get any handouts from the bulletin board at the back of the classroom.

    Friday, Feb 1

    Students should read and answer assigned questions for the introductory short story Ultimate Construction.

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