• Get Outside and Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

    1.  It is going to be hot this week!  When on a camping or hiking trip, especially in the summer, it is important to remember to stay hydrated and to protect yourself from the sun. 

    A risk of being outdoors in extremely hot weather is heat stroke.  Please research the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and what to do/how to treat it if you, or someone you are with, starts to show these signs.  Think about at what point you would go for help or try to get the sick person evacuated from the trip.

    Present your findings in a PowerPoint and send them to me by Sunday, May 31.

    2.  Get Outside - Please get outside and do something at least twice this week, for an hour each time.  Try to get out and do something you don't normally do.  Go for a long bike ride, go for a long hike in the forest.  Get up early and go canoeing or kayaking (if you are allowed and know how).

    Send me two photos from your activities by next Sunday.


    Have a good week.

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  • May 19th - Water Purification/Filtration and Get Outside.

    1.  I'd like you to put together a slide show on different methods of purifiying/filtering water while in the wilderness.  You should be able to come up with at least four (4) different methods of doing this.

    For each method of purification/filtration include some pros and cons.  At the end of the slide show pick a method that you think you would be most comfortable using and state why.

    This task should take at most an hour to complete.

    2.  Get outside!  Spend at least two hours outside this week.  Please send me two photos of you outside doing something on two different days.  

    Both assignments are due on Friday, May 22,

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  • May 11th - Ticks!

    It's getting to be that time of year again, no not pickerel seaon, but tick season.  Living with ticks has become a reality for us living in Eastern Ontario.  We don't need to fear them, but we do need to be aware of them and take the time to check ourselves over every now and then when outdoors and especially before we go to sleep.

    There are different types of ticks in the area, but the ones that we are concerned with are the Deer ticks.  Learn how to recognize them and how to safely remove them from yourself, should they decide to use you for a meal.

    Please review this pdf about Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease, and click on the links in the pdf (blue font and underlined).

    When finished the reading please submit and answer to the following questions,you may need to search for some of the answers.

    1. What is Lyme's disease, and what are the symptoms?

    2. What is a possible indication that you were bit by a tick that had Lyme's disease?

    3. How can you identify a deer tick?

    4.  How long must a tick feed on you for it to potentially give you Lyme's disease?

    5.  How can you aviod getting a tick bite?

    Part 2 of this week's assignment is to GET OUTSIDE at least three times this week and send me photos of you doing something!




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  • May 4th - Survival Kit

    When out on a backcountry hike or canoe trip it is good to have some survival gear with you incase you get hurt, lost or bad weather hits.

    This week you are to put together a survival kit and create a PowerPoint presentation about your kit.

    See the attached handout for a rubric and detailed instructions.


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  • April 27 - Another Survival Reading and How to Find Water!

    Today is another survival story with some questions.  You will be asked to evaluate what Aaron did and to think of some basic survival necessities.


    Please submit the answers to the reading by Friday, May 1st.

    Also this week I'd like you to research three ways to get water should you not be aboe to access a water source.  This should also be completed and submitted for Friday.

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  • April 23 - Survival Reading and Questions

    I would like to to read the attached article and hand in the answers to the questions - please answer in full sentences.

    Into the Cold - Article

    Into the Cold - Questions

    Don't forget the assignment from Monday.

    Please submit the answers to the TEAMS page or by e-mail.

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  • April 20 - Get Outside / Tree Identification

    This week I want you to get outside!  Your task for the week is to get outside and do something - hike/walk, bike, run, skip - for at least 30 minutes on three different days.  It doesn't matter where you go, it's better if it is in a forest, but just getting out will suffice. 

    On each of the three days you need to take a photo of yourself with a date and time stamp on the photo, to prove that you've been outside.

    While outside, to pass the time, try to identify three different types of coniferous trees (the ones with needles), take a photo of them and tell me what type of trees they are.  Put the three photos you took into a word document or a powerpoint and send it to me explaining how you know what type of tree is is.

    Below I have included a link to a website that will help you with tree identification.

    Tree Identification

    As a bonus, choose one decideous tree (the ones that have leaves in the summer)  and tell me what type of tree it is and how you know.  

    I will be posting more work on Thursday.

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  • April 14 - Work for the week

    Due April 19.

    So the work for this week is to send me a video of you tying all 5 knots that we learned in class.  You can send me the video by e-mail or upload it to teams.  

    Please make each video its own video so that the files aren't too large.

    The knots that you need to tie are:

    I've provided you a video link to instructions on how to tie each knot incase you forget.

    1. Bowline

    2. Alpine Butterfly

    3. Clove Hitch

    4. Trucker's Hitch

    Remember when tying the trucker's hitch to twist the slip knot several times or once it comes under tension it won't release.

    5. Figure 8 follow through

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  • April 6 - Work for this Week

    In late Februaury you were given an assignment.  Your work this week is to finish it.

    The assignment is to be finished for April 15th.  You can submit it to me by e-mail.  Please complete it as a word document and attach it to the e-mail.

    Also, as this is outdoor ed - please make sure you get outside for a walk, run, bike ride, - everyday this week.

    Homework File


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  • April 3 - The Plan...

    Alright, online outdoor ed!  Stay tuned to find out what you are to be working on this week.

    Mr. Abbott

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  • Winter Shelters Assignment


    The assignment is due on Wednesday, Feb. 19th.

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  • Feb. 11th, 2020

    Quinzee Sleepover

    Please be sure to bring in your forms for the sleepover.

    Please arrive at the school around 8pm to get set up for the evening.

    Remember to bring a change of clothes for school the next day if you aren't going back home in the morning.

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