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    St. Michael’s Commitment to Special Education Students
    Special education teachers, support staff, teachers, and the administration at St. Michael Catholic High School, are dedicated to the learning and well-being of our exceptional students.  We help our students reach their potential and achieve their dreams.  Teachers and support staff strive to do God’s work as we support our students to develop a positive sense of self and respect for the dignity and welfare of others.

    The Student Success Room is open for academic support, learning strategy instruction and as a quiet spot to complete assignments and write tests. Our teachers meet with students on a regular basis to review course progress and to discuss strategies to optimize academic success. If you have any questions regarding your child's IEP, please contact
    Mrs. Kristi Johnston Bates at 613-258-7232, extension 494 or email at kristi.johnstonbates@cdsbeo.on.ca.

    Where to go for help!
    It is important that students get the help they need, when they need it!  Don't wait too long.  Students should access some or all of the following supports to ensure they are keeping up to date. 
    Your teacher is your first contact.  Check out if there is a scheduled help period (often at lunch or after school).  Book an appointment and show up on time.
    See the Student Success Room Teacher or Resource Teacher to help you review notes and consolidate what questions you need to ask.  You may choose to stay in class for the main lesson, then come and work in the Student Success room to practice the concepts.
    Work with a friend from class to review lessons. Ask each other questions.
    Get a tutor if you need specific help in a specific subject.  If you would like a peer tutor, stop by Student Services to submit a request.

    Categories of Exceptionalities

    The Ministry of Education uses the following 5 categories of exceptionalities:



    • Behaviour


    • Autism
    • Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing
    • Language Impairment
    • Speech Impairment
    • Learning Disability


    • Giftedness
    • Mild Intellectual Disability
    • Developmental Disability


    • Physical Disability
    • Blind and Low Vision


    • Multiple Exceptionalities


    Special Education Programs & Services
    At St. Michael we have a variety of supports in place for our exceptional students, based on individual needs.  Administration, Special Education Teachers and parents work together to design a program that will meet your son or daughter’s needs.  St. Michael has a range of placements established, including:


    Regular program

    Gr. 9/10 – Locally Developed, Applied, Academic Courses

    Gr. 11/12 – Workplace, College, University Courses


    Remedial program

    Gr. 7/8 Tutorial Classes in English and Mathematics


    Resource support program 


    All students have access to one-to-one support in our Elementary and Secondary Student Success Rooms which are staffed by members of the Special Education Department


    Life Skills program

    This program serves students who are working on basic literacy, numeracy and life skills.