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Mr. Finner

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  • 2018-2019 Semester Two Classes for Mr. Finner

    (Updated Feb 20 at 2pm)


    ENG1D (Grade 9 AcademicEnglish): 

    Upcoming Quizzes: 


    Quiz Schedule for 'Short Story Note':

    Monday, February 25: Definition and Characteristics of a Short Story

    Tuesday, February 26: Plot

    Wednesday, February 27: Character and Setting

    Thursday, February 28: Theme and Point of View

    Assignments to be handed in on Friday, Feb 20:

    1) Capitialization package

    2) Fall of a City questions

    3) The Pedestrian Questions


    CHC2D (Grade 10 Academic History):

    Unit 1 History Questions

    p1 #1,2 (in the margin), p.7 – copy out the list of key topics. P.11 #1-3, p.14-15 #1,216 #1, p.23 (margin questions), p.25 #1 a,b, p.35 #1-5, #6b, #7,9,12,13,1539 #1-3, p.51#2, p.57#1-457-59 #5,6,7b, #8 9written answers not role play), #11 (individually), #15, 16


    PPL1O (Grade 9 Phys Ed):


    Nothing due to be handed in currently.


    Feel free to e-mail me with questions: