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Mr. Finner

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  • 2019-2020 Semester One Classes for Mr. Finner

    (Updated Nov 13, 2019)


    NBE3U (Grade 11 Academic English - Indigenous Literature): 


    Past Assignments:

    *questions on two poems

    *questions on short story

    *questions on CBC podcast

     *research for presentation on Indigenous Atlas

    *Presentation (all students now complete)

    *Footprints poem and A Raven short story (with questions) due Oct 28


    Current Assignments:

    *one paragraph on Wab Kinew's Chapter 1 (see Mr. Finner if you werwe absent)

    *questions from textbook as assigned in class

    *essay, due Nov 21


    Most Recent Quiz:

    *Grammar Quiz on Lesson 49 to 53.

    *Poetic Devices (see Mr. Finner if you have not completed)

    Upcoming Quiz:

    *Multiple choice quiz on presentation content. (once presentations have been completed we'll set a date)



    CHC2D (Grade 10 Academic History):

    Reminder: Continue to have Trench clothing available each day.  Students are allowed to take photos or ask Mr. Finner to take photos of your progress on your tasks - we will use this evidence for your culinating task.


    Previoius  Assignments:

    *Textbook questions for Unit 1 (past due)

    *Laurier Assignment (past due)


    Current Assignment:

     *Unit 2 Questions:  p.65 #1,2,3;  p.79 #1; p.76 #3; p.79 #2,3,4,5, 10, 12a, 14, p.103 #1,3,4,7a,8,10,14,15, p.127#1 (complete this by Monday, Nov 18)


    Completed Recent Quiz or Test

    p.66-67 Causes of WWI (graded and handed back)


    Upcoming Quiz or Test:

    None currently scheduled.

    Unit Test for WWI to be schedulked soon.



    CHY4U & CHY4C (Grade 12 History):

     *the Intro Lecture quiz and the Reformation Quiz have been completed

    *completed Unit One assigned textbook questions are now past due

    *Unit One Test has been completed

    *Read upon the great minds of the Enlightenment on page 142-152 (we will have a quiz on Oct 17)

    *Locke vs Rousseau is due Oct 18

    *current assignment:  French Revoltion articles package with questions (due Oct 22)

    *upcoming activity: France - The Great Debate (start thinking about potential costumes and your choice for estate)

    *current reading p.168-194 (p.169 define the key people; p.183 #2)

    *Reading ahead?  start on p.195 about Napoleon 

    *French Rev note in progress

    *French Rev film completed

    *Current assignment: Review Sheet then Unit Test on Wed, Nov 20



    Feel free to e-mail me with questions: