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St Michael Launches a New CDSBEO Attendance Reporting System

October 15th, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

 At St. Michael CHS one of our greatest priorities is ensuring that all our students arrive safely at school each and every day.

To enhance our existing absence-checking procedure, we are introducing a new, more efficient student absence reporting system called SafeArrival.  This new system will reduce the time it takes to verify student attendance, make it easy for you to report your child’s absence and easy for staff to respond to unexplained student absences.

With SafeArrival, you are asked to report your child’s absence in advance using any of these 3 convenient methods (app, website or toll free number):


  1. Using your mobile device, download and install the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (or from the links at The first time you use the app, select Sign Up to create your account. Select Attendance then Report an Absence.
  2. Use the SafeArrival website, The first time you use the website, select Sign Up to create your account. Select Attendance then Report an Absence.
  3. Call the toll-free number 1-833-251-3284 to report an absence using the automated phone system.


These options are available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.  Future absences can be reported at any time. PLEASE NOTE – For Option 2 you must use the email address you’ve previously given the school, that we have on file.

In addition, we will use the SchoolMessenger Communicate automated notification system to contact parents whose child is absent when the absence was not reported in advance. The automated notification system will attempt to contact parents at multiple contact points until a reason is submitted for the absence. If our system is unable to reach the designated contacts, office staff will follow up.

If you report your child’s absence in advance using the SafeArrival toll-free number, website or mobile app, you will NOT receive these notifications.

Starting Monday October 21st, 2019 please report absences in advance using SafeArrival instead of sending notes or calling/emailing the school. 

Starting Wednesday October 23rd, 2019 staff will being using the SafeArrival notifications to let you know if your student is absent (when you haven’t reported the absence in advance). Please note, you may be called four times in a day (one for each high school period) if you have not reported your child’s absence. To avoid this, please use one of the above methods to report your child’s absence.

If you have children attending other schools, please continue to report absences using the existing procedures for those schools.

FAQ   Additional ones at

Q - Can I still call the school and report my child’s absence to the attendance office?

 A – As of Monday October 21st 2019 all absences must be recorded via one of the three options above (the app, website or toll free number). We appreciate your cooperation with this.

Thank you for your patience as we implement this new system. We apologize in advance for any absence notifications that are sent out in error! We hope this transition is as smooth as possible.

Yours in Catholic Education,

 Tracy O’Brien (Principal)                                                                                  Laura Mackler (Vice Principal)